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An artist who likes many things!

About The Artist

Linky is a student and artist. They are always striving to improve their craft and continue to grow. They enjoy many things, from old anime, Nintendo games, and more. The way Linky likes to express their love for the things they enjoy is through art. They enjoy creating their own new worlds and characters but also show appreciation for the pre-established ones out there that have inspired them and their work. When they aren't drawing, they enjoy coding, playing on their switch, and watching, reading, and talking about all sorts of old anime and manga that they love. Especially obscure and old ones.

Linky has worked on various zines such as UYZine(2020 & 2021 editions), This Precious Planet Earth: A Gundam Charity Fanzine, VOGUE GALACTICA - A Legend of The Galatic Heroes Fashion themed Fanzine, the last zine also being one they also helped moderate in, as well as contrbuited in other previous zines such as the Zelink Zine and The Zelink Zine Compendium, The Leijiverse Zine, and more. Their work mainly draws inspiration from the anime of the Pre 2000s, but they are inspired by Post 2000s anime as well. Always incredbily passionate about improving their craft, Linky enjoys doing many sorts of illustrative work. The act of creating art itself brings great joy to them. They aim to spread the joy of creation to others with their work, and maybe get a few others into old and obscure anime along the way too.

Artworks © Linky 2021

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