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An artist who likes many things!


This is my portfolio site. You can browse various works of mine such as:

Original Works, Fan Art, and Previously Commissioned Pieces.

Images may take a moment to load on this website. If images are broken: clearing the cache and refreshing, or hard refreshing (Ctrl + F5) will fix any issues.


Please DO NOT Repost my artwork anywhere! Reposting to any SNS and reposting my work in general is forbidden.

Comission Status:

Due to personal reasons in my life, commissions are closed indefinitely for the time being.

I apologize for any inconveniences. Whenever they are able to be open again I will update this site and my social media.


If you want to contact me for a commission, question, commercial work, or more you can email me at:

I am currently on a Semi-Hiatus from drawing to heal from a rhomboid muscle strain.

While I have made great progress in physical therapy, I can only draw in bursts right now and still cannot draw every single day again just yet. But I've been told very reassuring things, and I have hope with my recovery!

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